Is There An Entree, Dessert or Drink That We Should Know About ?

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We will contact the restaurant and offer them a place setting on Blissful Dish.

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  • Brittany  - WHISKEY CAKE
    Whiskey Cake in Plano is one of my favorite places. I've talked to the owners and their beliefs and quality of food (everything is fresh) is awesome! I think it deserves some attention!
    Love your page!
  • Foodie  - Stephen Pyles
    I would like to see a feature on Stephen Pyles or perhaps one of his other restaurants Samar or fuego.
  • blissful  - Stephen Pyles

    Thanks for the suggestion! We will definitely look into this.
  • Britton  - ......
    Howdy, wonderful site except a bit sluggish every time I access it, it is most probably my web connection, I am unsure. Many thanks =-=
  • blissful
    Thanks for your comment! Please let us know if you continue to have issues.
  • Jagger  - typo
    Just noticed this...

    The above should read "Is There An Entree", as opposed to "Is There A Entree"...

    At least you know I'm paying attention to the details of your fabulous site!


  • blissful  - Thanks!
    Hi Jagger!

    Thank you for paying attention to the details of BD! Now it's even more fabulous with your feedback.
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