Blissful Dish - The Original Inspiration

The Original Inspiration Behind Blissful Dish

This short movie explains the original inspiration behind Blissful Dish by its creator and food photographer Matt Callahan. Blissful Dish is an online publication/website that recommends where to eat in Dallas/Fort Worth.

What is Blissful Dish?

Blissful Dish is the voice of dining out in Dallas, Fort Worth. We give restaurants an online platform to educate us on their food culture, entrée selections, chef profiles and what they do best... FOOD! Once the Blissful Dish Magazine, HD Bliss Channel video and food photography have been created by Blissful Dish, they live here for everyone to enjoy, print, share or comment on. I guess you could say that while the restaurants serve their Blissful entrées we Dish their delicious content.